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4 death/grind/extreme bands for you in leeds in september.. [21 Aug 2005|11:46pm]

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Words Of Chaos With Choronzon [05 Aug 2005|05:02pm]

He's done it again! I can think of no other journalist who has shown so consistently for as many years as this man has a commitment and dedication to the music of the underground.

And I'm not just saying that because of the Huge, In Depth, Gloriously Illustrated Interview With P. Emerson Williams About Choronzon, Veil Of Thorns, Goth, Blackmetal And Ritual In Art.

Click on the picture to the left, and you'll be taken to where you can download this incredible magazine for free.
That's right! Free!

106 lovingly written and richly illustrated pages. If that's not enough for you, I don't know what more to do for you.

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rekkid sale [01 Aug 2005|06:44pm]

alrighty after moving house recently i need more space and money for rent n all that bollocks. most im happy to sell. some will require a heftier price. some arent for sale at all i just couldnt be arsed reading through the list and taking them out.
serious offers only.
i live in australia so keep that in mind with postage n shit.
keep it real.


The Locust/Jenny Piccolo (pic disc) - 31G
Nailed Down/Ruido (black) - Power It Up


ABC Weapons (black) - Global Warning
Acrid/Bombs Of Death (black) - No Idea
Agoraphobic Nosebleed/Halo (clear) - Relapse
AIDS (black) - Gash
American Nightmare - S/T (blue) - Bridge 9
American Nightmare - The Sun Isn't Getting Any Brighter (black w/ white labels) - Bridge 9
An Albatross/XBXRX (red) - GSL
Arcade Fire (black) - Merge
The Assistant/The Scarlet Letter (black) - Alone
Bane - XXX (black) - Life
Bane - Holding This Moment (gold) - Equal Vision
Black Time - Beat of the Traps (black) - Yakisakana
Blood Brothers - Ambulance vs. Ambulance (white ltd. edition) - Second Nature
Books Lie - I Felt Like Such A Loser Until I Realized I Am Already A Winner (black) - Level Plane
Breakdown - Hangin' At WRSU (white) - Special Forces
Breakfast - Second E.P. (black) - 625
Burn (black 1st pressing) - Revelation
Captain Cleanoff/Open Wound (black) - In League With Satan
Carry On - Stabbed In The Face (black w/ Gorilla Biscuits ripoff cover #21/21) - Jitsu
Carry On (black) - Teamwork
Carry On - The Line Is Drawn (Red. Red type on white cover w/ Jordan Johnson memorial printed on back. Lyrics insert w/ Carry On poster on other side) - Youngblood
Carry On - the Line Is Drawn (black w/ regular cover. Lyrics insert w/ Carry On Collage on other side) - Youngblood
Charred Remains AKA Man Is The Bastard - Abundance of Guns (black) - S.O.A.
The Collapse (black. Punk as Fek tour etd. #80/100) - Endless Blockades
The Collapse (black) - Endless Blockades
The Collapse/In Name And Blood (green #32/100) - Trial And Error/Sightline
Cops And Robbers - Face To Face With Hate (black) - A.D.D.
Corn On Macabre - II (gold) - Magic Bullet
Cursed - Hell Comes Home b/w Search And Destroy (black) - Hanging Like A Hex
The Crimson Curse/The Festival Of Dead Deer (black square vinyl) - 31G
Daughters (black) - City Of Hell
Deadstare/Far Left Limit (Black) - Gash
Deerhoof/Kit - Buddy Series #2 (green) - Narnack
Deerhoof - My Pal Foot Foot (black) - NFJM
Deerhoof/Sicbay (black) - Modern Radio/Sawtooth
Deficit (black) - Ignition
Depeche Mode - World In My Eyes (7" version) b/w Happiest Girl (jack mix) & Sea of Sin (tonal mix)
Dropdead/Look Back And Laugh(black) - Armageddon
Face Of Change - Demo 2xE.P. (black) - 625
Fast Times - Where Were You... (black) - Smorgasbord
First Blood/Blacklisted (gold) - Deathwish
From Ashes Rise (black) - Partners In Crime
Fucked Up - Generation (black) - Slasher
George W. Bush/St. Albans Kids (black) - Gash
Gorilla Biscuits (black 2nd pressing) - Revelations
Head Hits Concrete - Summer Tour E.P. (black #113/200) - Plastic Airlines
High On Fire/Ruins (grey marble w/ 'unsolved histories' comic insert) - Relapse/Skin Graft
His Hero Is Gone - The Dead Of Night (black) - Prank
The Hives - Main Offender (black) - Burning Heart
Holding On/The Real Enemy (black) - Havoc/One Percent
Hot Snakes - This Mystic Decade/Hi-Lites (red) - One Little Indian
The Holy Mountain (Peachy-orangey marble) - No Idea
Hoods - Once Again 1996 (red #318/351) - Back Ta Basics
Iggy and the Stooges - I'm Sick Of You (black) - Bomp!
Iggy and the Stooges - (I Got) Nothing. Live @ Michigan Palace '74 (pic. disc ltd. edition) - Munster
Ink And Dagger/The Icarus Line (pic disc) - New American Dream
Ink And Dagger/Le Shok (black) - Initial
Internal Affairs/Last Nerve (black) - Resist
Jed Whitey - This Machine Kills Hippies E.P. (black) - Busted Heads/Cage Match Federation
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart b/w These Days (black 1st pressing) - Factory
Judge - New York Crew (black 1st pressing w/ schism 2a & 2B engraved in matrix) Revelation
The Kill - Demo Release(black) - 625
Logistics/Tomahawk - Digital Love b/w Straw Dogs. Weapons of Mass Creation 2 sampler (black) - Hospital
The Locust - Flight Of The Wounded Locust (clear) - GSL
The Locust (pink) - GSL
The Locust/Arab On Radar (green puke-puddle shaped vinyl) - GSL
Lost Sounds/The Vanishing (black) - Cochon
Lost Sounds (black) - Empty
Lotus Eaters (white w/ yellow streaks. Seldon Hunt cover ltd. to 300) - Drone
Madball - Been There, Done That (black) - Victory
Mastodon - Lifesblood (red 2 x 7") - Relapse
My Disco! - Collapse Of An Erratic Lung (black) Crashing Jets
Nailed Down - Leak Of Deadly Bacteria (black) Spiral Objective
The Nerve Agents/Kill Your Idols (black) - Mankind
Nervous Patterns (red ltd. to 300) - Zaxxon Virile Action
Neurosis - Abberation E.P. (clear) Lookout
New Order - Shell Shock (edited version) b/w Thieves Like Us (black 1st pressing) Factory/A & M
No Justice - Still Fighting(black) - Underestimated
No Reply (blue) - Mankind
No Reply/Lifes Halt (black) - Indecision
Numb/Mindsnare (glow in the dark. 2nd pressing #48/100) - Trial And Error
Oxbaker - Raped Ox (black) - Sounds of Betrayal
Oxbaker /Battle Unicron (black) - Sounds of Revolution
Paintbox - Cry of the Sheeps (black) - H.G. Fact/Prank
Pg. 99/City of Caterpillar - A Split Personality (black) - Level Plane
Parasitic (white) - Deep Six
Pitboss 2000/Empire Falls (black) - Use Your Head
Point Of Few (black) - 625
Project X (black bootleg) - Schism
Reaching Forward - Pride Is Everlasting (black) - Commitment
Reaching Forward/Bloodpact (black) - Reflections
Reach The Sky/With One Intent - Boston Hardcore (black w/ ltd. edition cover #13/200)
Redemption 87 - The Spidey Session 95 (black) - Breakout
Right Brigade (white) - Stillborn
Right Brigade/A Poor Excuse (gold) - Bridge 9
Right Brigade/A Poor Excuse (red) - Bridge 9
The Rites - Your Last Rites (black) - Deadalive
River City Tanlines - Gimme Whatever (black) - Goodbye Boozy
Severed Head of State - Fucking Butchery (black) - Hardcore Holocaust
Severed Head of State - Black Blood World (red) - Malarie
Shark Attack - Blood In The Water (black) - Bridge 9
Some Girls - The Blues (grey marble) - Deathwish
Some Girls (pink) - 31G
Space - Grind Osaka WORLD (black) - MCR/Sound Pollution
Spazz/Opstand - The Network of Friends Project Pt. 1 (black) - Coalition
Star Wars - The Ewoks Join The Fight (black) - Buena Vista
Stockholm Syndrome - One Way Out (black) - No Options/625
Strong Intention - Each Day Lived.. An Act of Defiance (black) - Six Weeks
The Swarm - Old Blue Eyes Is Dead (black) - No Idea
Sworn Vengeance/All Bets Off (black) - One Scene Hardcore
Tear It Up (gold) - Havoc
Ten Yard Fight - Demo 95 (black) - S.O.A.
...Trail of Dead - Another Morning Stoner b/w Homage live (creamy beige w/ sexy poster insert) - Interscope
Venom P. Stinger - Thick Skin b/w (clear pink. re-release ltd. #383/500)
Warsore/NEE (gold ltd. 774/1000) - Mortville
What Happens Next? - Stand Fast 2000 (black) - 625
What Happens Next? - Ahora Mas Que Nunca (black w/ insert with pop-upwhn?dudes on it) - Lengua Armada
Within Blood - Captain Blood (black) - Resist
World Burns To Death - No Dawn Comes...Night Without End (black) - Hardcore Holocaust
Zeke/Disfear (black) - Relapse

Comp. 7"

2 Legs Bad. 38 Legs Good - Corn on Macabre, Textbook Traitors, Crimson Spectre and Witchcraft By A Picture (black) - Magic Bullet
Barbaric Thrash Demolition Vol. 2 - Discarga, Esperanza, Jellyroll Rockheads, Limpwrist and Life's Halt (black) - 625
Lound And Ugly Vol. 2 - Floor, Eyehategod, Thug, Apartment 213 and Despise You (black) - Bovine
Drum Machine Madness - Wadge, Nemo, Pilgrim Fetus, Alien Crucifixion and Agoraphobic Nosebleed (lime green) - Robotic Empire
SK-8 or DIE - Life's Halt, Fistfull, No Reply, What Happens Next, Dirty Dirt and the Dirts (black. unreleased?) - Pigpen Inc.


As Friends Rust (black) - Doghouse
Nailed Down - Honour And Glory (black flexi) - Six Weeks


Agents of Abhorrance (clear) - Missing Link


Charles Bronson - Youth Attack! (black. Euro pressing) - Coalition
Groinchurn - 6 x 9 + 5 (pic. disc. ltd. 1000) - Fudgeworthy
Iggy Pop/James Williamson - Jesus Loves the Stooges (pink. 3d cover w/ glasses inc. re-release) - Bomp!
Iggy Pop/James Williamson - Jesus Loves the Stooges (pink. 3d cover w/out glasses. re-release) - Bomp!
Locust/Man is the Bastard (black) - King of the Monsters
My Disco - Language of Numbers (black) - Crashing Jets
One Inch Punch - Ignorant Bliss (black) - Life Time
Part II - Weeping, Wailing and Gnashing of Teeth (clear) - Coldbringer
Shai Hulud/Indecision - The Fall of Every Man (black) - Crisis/Revelation


324 (black) - H. G. Fact
Aesop Rock - Labor Days 2x LP (black. gatefold) - Def Jux
Agoraphobic Nosebleed - Frozen Corpses Stuffed With Dope (pic. disc ltd. 1000) - Relapse
American Nightmare - Background Music (clear) - Bridge 9
An Albatross (red) - When Humans Attack
Arab Strap - Monday At The Hug & Pint (black) - Matador
Bad Times (black) - Goner/Therapeutic
Beehive & The Barracudas - In Dark Love (black) - Swami
Bold - Speak Out (black. 1st pressing) - Revelation
Bold - Looking Back (black. 2nd pressing) - Revelation
David Bowie - Aladdin Sane (black) - RCA
David Bowie - Rare (black) - RCA
Clockwork Orange Soundtrack (black. gatefold cover) - WEA
Creep Division (blue) - Indecision
Cut Copy - Future (black) - Modular
Daughers - Canada Songs (red) - The Electric Human Project
Dropdead (black) - Armageddon
El-P & Aesop Rock - Urban Renewal Program (black) - Chocolate Industries
Foreniscs/Textbook Traitors (black) - Magic Bullet/Electric Human Project
From Ashes Rise - Nightmares (dark red w/ black marbelling) - Jade Tree
Gen X - Kiss Me Deadly (black) - Chrysalis
Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today (purple. 1st pressing) - Revelation
Haymaker (black) - Deranged
His Hero Is Gone - 15 Counts of Arson (blue) - Prank
The Holy Mountain - Bloodstains Across Your Face (clear) - No Idea
The Icarus Line - Mono (red) - Buddyhead
Iggy Pop - Soldier (black) - Arista
Iggy Pop - Blah, Blah, Blah (black) - A&M
Iggy and the Stooges - Raw Power (black. re-issued 180gm vinyl pressing) - Columbia
Iggy Pop - Instinct (black) - Festival
Jed Whitey - Super Fly Big Muff (black. ltd. #186/300) - Brain Defect
John Lee Hooker - Live At Sugarhill (black) - Fantasy
Joy Division - 1979 Atmosphere b/w The Only Mistake & Sound of Music (black. og pressing) - Factory
Joy Division - Atmosphere b/w She's Lost Control (black. og pressing) - Factory
J.R Ewing - Ride Paranoia (black) - GSL
Judge - Bringin' It Down (black. og pressing) - Revelation
Lickgoldensky (1/2 yellow, 1/2 purple vinyl) - Level-plane
Lifes Halt/What Happens Next? - Start Something (black) - Youngblood/625
The Locust - Well I'll Be A Monkey's Uncle Remixes 2xLP (1 black w/ etching on one side, 1 green) - GSL
Lost Sounds (black) - In The Red
Lost Sounds - Future Touch E.P. (black) - In The Red
Lou Reed/Velvet Underground - Street Hassle b/w I'm Waiting For The Man/Venus In Furs (black. og pressing) - Arista
Madball - Ball Of Destruction (black. gatefold cover) - Century Media
The Nerve Agents (black) - Revelation
New Order - Bizarre Love Triangle b/w Bizarre Dub Triangle (black. og pressing) - Factory
New Order - Shell-Shock (extended version) b/w Shell-Shock (dub version)/Thieves Like Us (black. og pressing) - Factory
Nile - Annihilation Of The Wicked 2xLP (grey marble ltd. 200. gatefold cover) - Relapse
Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer 2xLP (black. w/ gatefold cover) - Relapse
The Pure Evil Trio - This Is Our Music (black) - Appliances & Cars/Broken Rain
Schifosi - Ill Winds From Outopia (black) - Broken Rain/Endless Blockades/Appliances & Cars
Schifosi - Ill Winds From Outopia (green. ltd 100) - Broken Rain/Endless Blockades/Appliances & Cars
Shikabane - Why Do You Live? (red) - Prank
Tarantula Hawk (clear w/ gatefold cover) - Life Is Abuse/Neurot
The Teardrop Explodes (black) - Mercury
The Tigers - And With That, The Audience Disappeared in a Flash. Just Like in the Movies (black) - Self released
Tragedy - Vengeance (black w/ gatefold cover) - Skuld
Tragedy - Vengeance (black w/ big lyric booklet) - Tragedy
Undying - The Whispered Lies of Angels (black) - Good Life
The Velvet Underground & Nico (black. re-issued 180gm vinyl w/ gatefold cover) - Verve
World Burns To Death - The Sucking of the Missile Cock (black) - Hardcore Holocaust
Wrecking Crew - Balance of Terror (black) - Hawker
What Happens Next? - Stand Fast Armageddon Justice Fighter
Voorhees - Spilling Blood Without Reason (black. re-mastered version w/ 4 bonus tracks) - Armed With Anger
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july 30th, big gig and club.. [27 Jul 2005|04:35am]

this is very much a last minute extra posting for this one, after having quite a lot of line up problems.. if you know people who might be interested as well, please pass it on or post it on your news forums or anything.. cheers.

Leeds, The Bassment (in the Merrion Centre in town)

Beef Conspiracy - Fun-gore-grind ala Gorerotted/Macabre
Whoreswhoreswhores - Rock and roll meets Converge and The Locust
Raise the dead - ex-Eviscerate A.D. member, moshthrash, from London
a.P.a.t.T. - amazing Mr Bungle / performance art genius, Liverpool stunners.
Reth - ex-Narcosis/Tangaroa member, current EDT member, fastgrindsludge, think Cephalic/Cryptopsy
Soulfracture - melodic thrash metal ala Arch Enemy, Pantera, Leeds favourites
Agent of the Morai - dirty sludge, think Iron Monkey and Electric Wizard, more Leeds lovelies
Bubonic Zygote - all out thrash attack ala Slayer, Harrogate youngsters.
+ club night afterwards.

£7 ticket / door (from Jumbo, Crash, Out of Step, Hellraiser (Leeds and Wakefield),
Opens at 5pm, until 2am, price includes club afterwards. £4 after 11.
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july 22nd, gig.. bands and everything!! [22 Jul 2005|01:11am]

Friday night.. Leeds Fenton.. do it!!

Red Stars Parade - intense grooves and heaviness!
Produkt - scuzzy off kilter ala coalesce
The Final Sigh - mix of converge and weird
Spasticated Razor Masturbator - grind chug boobeeeeees

£3 on the door.. BARGAINOUS!
Starts at 8pm but it be open til midnight, so come along for the mosh!
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[07 Jun 2005|01:35pm]

title or description
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blood duster, detrimentum, unhinged, stigma... Fenton - 23rd June [31 May 2005|10:27pm]

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Flaming Apes Head's amazing 2 date tour! [15 May 2005|02:29pm]

Sunday May 15th, Hevn and Hell, Liverpool

Wednesday May 18th, The Vine, Leeds

tralala! gigs and stuff! tralala!
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isis/jesu + visceral bleeding/soulfracture/more... [12 Apr 2005|08:57pm]

april 21st - leeds joseph's well
kill the thrill
tickets £8 on the door £10

may 7th - leeds joseph's well
visceral bleeding
tickets £5 on the door £7

get in touch with paulrawnerve@ntlworld.com if you want tickets for either..
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APRIL 28TH [12 Apr 2005|08:55pm]

is the next Raw Nerve Club Night.. hopefully those going to Whitby will still want to party at this and the saturday all nighter at the bassment as well.. keep those party frocks on!!

10pm til 2am. £3 entry. Bar Phono in Leeds.
Lots of top choons, feel free to request what you like in here..
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April 30th - RAW NERVE 7th birthday bash... [12 Apr 2005|08:54pm]

April 30th - RAW NERVE 7th birthday bash...
Leeds, The Bassment (centre of town in the Merrion Centre)..

Isle of Man (from Holland - like the Red Chord)
Zillah (from Scotland - harsh, discordant but grooving too)
Mistress (from Birmingham - black/grind/sludge/nasty)
Red Stars Parade (Leeds' sludge/dark melody masters)
Bloodstream (Bradford's death / thrashroll mainstays)
Spasticated Razor Masturbator (Leeds' death/grind/fast/tits)

Doors at 6pm - Bands starting soon after. £6 a ticket (plus booking fee) from Raw Nerve site (www.rawnervepromotions.co.uk), Jumbo, Crash, Out of Step, Hellraiser Leeds and Wakefield, from Red Stars, Bloodstream, SRM and Mistress... £8 on the door. Price includes free entry to club afterwards until 2am. (£4 entry after 11 if can't make the gig)..

any other information - paulrawnerve@ntlworld.com

oh yeah, the flyer is here..

and you can listen to all the bands here - hxcmp3 dot com raw nerve gigs
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[24 Mar 2005|07:56pm]


click flyer for band website!
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Order now! [17 Dec 2004|01:11am]

Bring Me The Horizon


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raw nerve googlism [15 Dec 2004|07:36pm]

[ mood | london tomorrow! ]


some great stuff on there...

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raw nerve club + site update [15 Dec 2004|04:42pm]

[ mood | busy as usual! ]

couple of quick things.
next Raw Nerve Club Night Christmosh Party = 30th December. Bar Phono, Leeds. Playing fantastic mosh tunes all night. You know you wanna!
leading into my birthday on New Years Eve as well!! oof cannot wait! 28! :-o

The site proper is currently down at the moment whilst we perform a server change, unfortunately our previous site servers have been an absolute pain for the last 6 months, fucking up over a fair bit in the process so hopefully we can get onto the new servers who seem very ace and reliable as soon as possible. Hopefully sorted in the next couple of days. Work is ongoing behind the scenes to overhaul the site with the addition of 3 or 4 new sections that will help promote bands and all your projects and selves much better, and a few others being improved upon as well, so keep checking back...

okay, that is all, hopefully see you on the site and forum soon when it returns and even more so hopefully see you at the club or my birthday bash the night after at Joseph's Well!!!

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Walk [09 Dec 2004|02:50pm]

[ mood | sad ]

Will be surprised if any of you lot have not heard about this yet, but anyway...Dimebag Darrell shot dead.

Sad news indeed.

Quick plug while I am here, too. I run a night called The Control Frequency, weekly in Sheffield and monthly in Huddersfield. Playing a mix of Industrial, Industrial Metal, Death Metal, Black Metal, EBM, Noise and whatever else I feel like, joined bi-weekly by foreverguardian DJ'ing too.

All playlists are on the website, and a new forum has now been added. In it's early stages, obviously, but would be good to see some of you on there, and perhaps even at the odd night...

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Friday flock photo's... [06 Dec 2004|01:52pm]

A few of you Raw Nerve types were at this so here's the evidence

Read more...Collapse )
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Raw Nerve 2005!!! [05 Dec 2004|09:44am]

[ mood | busy ]

The Raw Nerve Club Flyer for 2005

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[04 Dec 2004|07:42pm]

New Dimmu Borgir song, it is called O Holy Night
Great work by Shagrath on vocals.
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nile, dying fetus, necrophagist [30 Nov 2004|04:43am]

[ mood | very awake ]

relapse wank-fest

another flyer i did in the last 24 hours or so, hope you like, and hopefully see you there..

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