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the recent world of raw nerve....

so, since this is like a raw nerve diary, i can ramble on about goings on in raw nerve and all that kinda thing...

here we go..
the last couple months, even though we've now become homeless for the club (first the phono died, then the bassment, but hopefully a resurrection will be occuring soon, and we can return to familiar ground in the centre of town, rather than venturing elsewhere unchartered before), things have still been busy, lots of site tweaks, section changes and refining going on..

the forum has seen lots of changes over the last couple of months, with the addition of 3 more new forums (now got 6 hosted forums, for 6 labels (Calculated Risk, OE, Thirty Days of Night), Monotreme Records, Anticulture and In At The Deep End, a band (Send More Paramedics), and a festival (OEF in Czech)), and a new forum called the World Music Compendium, where every country in the world has it's own thread with the hope of people and myself posting up about underground, obscure, known and cool bands of all style from everywhere in the world.. some countries are filling up fast like canada, germany and japan, whereas countries like somalia and azerbaijan are a touch short on the ground, but hopefully we can fill those up a bit too!!

the flyer and print service is picking up nicely, and some envelopes have been going out there with 15 flyers in them!!! a right gift pack for anyone getting given one to hand (anyone interested, then email me, - it's cheap and effective)...

we now sell tickets for bradford rios and joseph's well also..
currently got this lot going, get in touch with the email address above or go to the site...
(Prices include 50p for booking fee/postage. Add 50p per ticket if using paypal):-
February 24th - Leeds, Joseph's Well - Caliban, The Nothing, Everette - £8.50
February 28th - Bradford Rios - Hundred Reasons. £8.50
March 21st - Leeds, The Cockpit - The Berzerker, Happy Face, RSJ, Madman is absolute, Reth, Rolo Tomassi - £10.50
March 30th - Leeds, Joseph's Well - Monstrosity, Impaled, Deeds of Flesh, Vile - £t.b.c.
April 7th - Bradford Rios - Bolt Thrower, Bloodstream - £7.50
more to add as well, this is the list as it stands now.

the myspace page has been thoroughly updated and made to look loads nicer, and is filling up too, around 3000 friends, (similar amount as the forum too).. anyone who hasn't checked it out and added us, get on there..
so yeah, all in all, busy times, fun times, shame there is no club night, but also good to have a break from it after doing just over 3 years every month..
hopefully see some of you on the forum if you're not already on there. plenty for everyone no matter what you're into.
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